Dermal Rolling

If you are struggling with outward signs of ageing like acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles, you know how frustrating it can be to lose a youthful, fresh appearance.

These conditions can make you appear older than you are, and facial scars cannot be completely disguised with cosmetics. Dermal rolling is a treatment that engages the body’s natural healing process to boost collagen and elastin production and revitalize facial skin.

Should I get Dermal Rolling?

Dermal Rolling is a versatile treatment that treats a range of skin irregularities. Over time, your skin may start to show the effects of aging and other environmental factors, which can include:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Creases
  • Scars
  • Stretchmarks
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Loss of firm, supple texture

These symptoms are common as we age, or come about as a result of injury, stress, skin conditions, or excess sun exposure. Almost everyone is a candidate for dermal rolling because of the nature of the procedure. The treatment does not penetrate deeper than the dermis layer of the skin, and side effects of the procedure are mild. Additionally, the treatment triggers the body’s natural healing processes to smooth the skin, producing dramatic results, even without dermal fillers or other treatments.

Advantages of Dermal Rolling

Due to the shallow depth of the micro-injuries, and the way the invasive device performs the procedure, almost anyone can benefit from the treatment, and recover quickly. The channels in the skin created by the tiny needles in the device heal quickly without destroying the surrounding skin or tissue, and the healing process is instantly triggered to produce collagen and elastin in the area treated. Microneedling is most commonly used to restore and rejuvenate the skin on the face, chest, neck, and arms, but can be used on other areas of the body as well, if needed. Dermal Rolling may be part of a comprehensive treatment plan, used in conjunction with other treatments, but the procedure itself does not use any foreign substances or fillers for its smoothing effect. This makes the procedure versatile and available to people with virtually any skin type, regardless of most medications you are taking, or other factor. One important benefit is after treatment, you will be able to resume normal daily activities at once, as the healing time for the procedure is minimal.

When is skin needling treatment not suitable?

  • Skin Needling cannot be performed over skin cancer or active acne.
  • The treatment should not be performed within 2 weeks of having anti-wrinkle injections or dermal fillers.
  • During pregnancy.

How treatment works

When you arrive at Lasethetics Laser clinics, you will be greeted by the friendly staff and shown to your room. Once you are ready, our therapist will clean the treatment area and apply a numbing gel to make you more comfortable during the procedure. Once your skin is numbed, the gel is removed. The specially-designed medical device is then passed over the treatment area. The device appears to be a small roller, but is covered with tiny needles that rapidly penetrate the dermis and epidermis as it passes over the treatment zone, creating tiny superficial channels that trigger the natural healing process. The treatment is completed in less than an hour, and you are free to resume your day after it is complete. You may need multiple treatments depending on the extent of the skin’s imperfections, skin quality, age, and other factors. Mild to moderate scarring or skin discoloration can require up to four treatments, while more severe scarring can take up to five treatments to diminish. The treatments are spaced out every few weeks to ensure proper healing and to produce the most beneficial results.

What to expect

Due to the superficial level of treatment, you will likely experience very few symptoms after your treatment is completed. Any irritation will usually subside within 24 hours, and you can return to work and other activities. Our therapist will provide you with guidelines to speed the healing process and a list of products or lotions to avoid while the skin is moving through the regeneration phase. We may schedule another visit for your series of dermal rolling treatments if needed. The microscopic channels created by the micro needling device initiate the healing process and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. These natural skin elements help to fill in imperfections in the skin, and smooth out the negative effects of age, sun exposure, or injury.

Dermal rolling is a treatment that engages the body’s natural healing process to boost collagen and elastin production and revitalize facial skin. The treatment is often paired with topical treatments, as the process allows these rejuvenating products to be absorbed more quickly and deeply with dermal rolling.

Our therapist at Lasethetics Laser Clinics knowledgeable and dedicated to helping you improve your skin.

Home Treatments vs. Dermal Rolling

Some devices are available that allow you to do microneedling at home, and many people have attempted to try it on their own. However, performing treatment on your own can lead to a variety of problems that can be avoided when treated by a skilled aesthetician. Many dermarollers are made of inferior materials that cannot be sterilized to the same degree, with medical-grade materials. Therefore, using a non-sterile device to pierce the skin can potentially lead to infection. The commercially available devices are also not as precise, and have limited use, if any.

While an at-home device may seem interesting, it is recommended that you only undergo dermal rolling from a licensed professional, using the most advanced device for the procedure. Our treatments are cost-effective and require little-to-no downtime with no need to worry about painful recovery or extended time away from work or other activities.

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